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My Elephants
Kanjana Elephant Sanctuary

We treat our elephant as our family ( No riding, live freely among nature) because elephants are not just powerful animal, but we know they have soul and they are clever creature. Getting to know them more at their natural habitat don't be hesitate to contact us

My Elephants
//My Elephants

Mae Sorn (F)

Born: 1966

"Mae-Sorn" has been long with very hard life. She worked as a logger at a logging camp, until being sold to elephant riding camp. She was carried the tourist in the ri...

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Mae Thong Ngern (F)

Born: 1955

"Mae -Thong–Ngern" was originally from Tak Province. Experienced the hardships of working life from an early age , first being employed to haul lumber at a loggi...

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Poom (M)

Born: 2011

"Poom noi" ( Noi mean little but now he is a big boy ) is the first son of Teang – Mo. He spent his early life with his mother at an elephant riding camp before...

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Teang Mo (F) and Tung Thong (F)

Born: Teang Mo - 2011 Tung Thong - 10 March 2017

She is the mother of 2 children,” Poom” and “Tung Thong”. "Teang – Mo" spent her early life being forced to work in a Mae Hong So...

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Fuang Faa (F)

Born: 2001

"Fuang Faa" first worked in an elephant show at the big Elephant show at the big Elephant Camp in Chiang mai when she was very little. Following a brief retirement, be...

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Thong Maa (F)

Born: 1976

"Thong maa" has not an easy life. She spent her early life to worked as a labor at a logging camp and carry the corn in farm when farming season near by the Thai-Myanm...

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